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A power-drunk President...
Troops advancing on Baghdad...
Protesters in the streets...

This was the situation as Charlie Varon took the stage of the Brava Theater in San Francisco on April 6, 2003 before an audience of 350. This CD is a live recording of that sold-out performance.

Highlights of the CD:

  • Charlie's trademark BBC News parody, skewering Bush, Rumsfeld, and Blair

  • a monologue on marching for peace in San Francisco

  • a multi-layered story about American Jews and Israel, told by "the only Gentile at the bat mitzvah"

  • a salute to Henny Youngman and Sigmund Freud, "the two giants of Jewish comedy"...


In all, 77 minutes of material, written in collaboration with David Ford, and with the help of Jim Rosenau and Myra Levy.

Track list: BBC News. . . Visiting Professor of Pessimism. . . My War. . . Too Damn Polite. . . Stewart Russell. . . Forget Your Troubles. . . The Four Questions. . . People's Violin Medley. . . America-Head


Listen to excerpts from the CD:

BBC News
Visiting Professor of Pessimism
My War

$16.95 Buy it now!

Visiting Professor of Pessimism
Ten Day Soup

In the spring of 2002, Charlie Varon and collaborator David Ford created a show from scratch in ten days. Thanks to critical and audience response, the show was extended...and recorded.

One fan writes: "I have been playing the CD in the car, at home, at work, for friends, over and over. You are truly remarkable."

Eight monologues... 73 minutes... recorded before a packed house at The Marsh in San Francisco.

Listen to excerpts from the CD:

Picketers in front of Noam Chomsky's house
Ushering in a redemptive age
My spiritual awakening
Listening to Leishmaniasis
The Gentile at the bat mitzvah
Grandma Dora (a memoir)

Make $20 check payable to Charlie Varon and send to
Charlie Varon, The Marsh, 1062 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Genome Out of the Bottle

In the spring of 2001, the California Medical Association approached Charlie Varon about giving a speech. They were thinking comedy: Charlie would do a few routines over lunch to lighten up a seminar for physicians and attorneys.

Charlie had a different kind of comedy in mind.

He proposed to do the speech posing as a ranking expert on human genetics. To Charlie's amazement, the C.M.A. agreed to the prank.

In less than five weeks, Charlie created Albin Avgher, Ph.D. and his theory of human communication, supported by an intricate web of fabricated statistics and personal anecdotes.

Still, when he finally took the podium, he had no idea whether the assembled doctors and lawyers would believe him.

Color VHS video... 32 minutes... includes interviews with audience members.

Listen to an excerpt

$16.95 (US and Canada only) Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Now available for free online

Rush Limbaugh in Night School

Hear the show that became a runaway hit at The Marsh in San Francisco, and traveled to St. Louis, Washington DC, and Off Broadway.

The Washington Post called the 25-character solo show "a delight... Varon, an uncannily gifted mimic, plays a cast of 24, including, besides Limbaugh, his agent, his (uh-oh) libber girlfriend, several New School for Social Research faculty members (one of whom lectures unforgettably on the metastructure that produces a pear), a gay performance artist, a rival talk radio star and assorted 'real' people, including Garrison Keillor, Spalding Gray and Jackie Mason. It's quite a party."

Audio cassette... approx. 90 minutes... recorded live at The Marsh.

Listen to excerpts from the cassette:

Rush on the air
It's what boys do
Jackie Mason does Garrison Keillor

Make $20 check payable to Charlie Varon and send to
Charlie Varon, The Marsh, 1062 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110

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