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In the spring of 2002, Charlie and collaborator David Ford tried an experiment. They created a show from scratch in ten days. The evening of eight monologues (called "Ten Day Soup") included political satire, stand-up comedy, and personal memoir. Audience response was unlike anything Charlie had experienced:

"Thank you for your courage."
"Thank you for ideas that challenged me."
"Thank you for saying what I was thinking."

Working quickly and intuitively allowed Charlie and David to create a new kind of work: less polished but more vulnerable and alive.

In the autumn of 2002 Charlie and David cooked up a second round of Soup–six more monologues–which received an equally strong response.

The monologues created in 2002 form the basis of Charlie's evolving show “Soup of the Day.” The show can be adapted to a variety of venues and audiences, with topical political material being added and revised as events unfold.

Here are audio samples from Soup of the Day:

Picketers in front of Noam Chomsky's house
Ushering in a redemptive age
My spiritual awakening
Listening to Leishmaniasis
The Gentile at the bat mitzvah
Grandma Dora (a memoir)
Elea Avon

More about the artistic process behind Soup of the Day...

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