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Webinar - Sun Feb 5, 2023
10 to 11.30am Pacific on Zoom

60% of what I know in 90 minutes

•  The 5 most important things & how I learned them
•  Two brief writing prompts
•  I’ll tell a few stories
•  I’ll do a demo of how I coach writers & performers


Goal: You will leave this workshop ready to steal my techniques!

Or decide they're of no use!

Price: $64*

After buying your ticket, you'll receive an email with the Zoom link. Note: No refunds for this workshop.

*Why $64?

Recently, two people I know, in separate conversations, called me an elder. Whaaat? Well, I’ve been writing, performing, directing, etc for 40+ years. And I turned 64 last year. So... Elder it is!

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