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The San Francisco Chronicle​ has credited Charlie Varon with “redefining the art form of solo theater.”


For 30 years, Charlie has written, performed, directed and taught at The Marsh Theater in San Francisco. His award-winning shows – all created in collaboration with David Ford – include R​ush Limbaugh in Night School​, ​The People’s Violin,​ ​Rabbi Sam, and Second Time Around​, a collaboration with world-renowned cellist Joan Jeanrenaud.

In 2018, in response to the political crisis, he and Brian Copeland created and performed a collection of monologues called The Great American Sh*t Show.


As collaborator/director, Charlie has worked with Dan Hoyle since 2004, on his many hit solo shows.


Over the years Charlie’s writing has appeared in T​he New Yorker​, ​The Atlantic​ and other publications.



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