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"Thank you for your classes! They have enriched and expanded my world."

I've been teaching writing and performance workshops since 1993. I love the creative process, and my goal is to help you take the next step in your work. 


 Start the New Year WRITE



Being a writer is about time.

Here's what I've learned about time in my 40 years as a writer:

(2 min video)

The odds are against us as writers.


The world is not set up for us to do our best work, or to go as far as we might. To change those odds, I'm offering Start the New Year WRITE

But together, we can improve the odds.

Make appointments to write.

Commit to a month of working on a single project.

And don't write alone. Write in community.

Builds on the successful Wednesday morning writing community that has been going since 2020.

 2-minute video tells you what I've learned about time in my 40 years as a writer:

I designed Start the New Year WRITE to get you out of the artistic waiting room and into the writing room.

Write at specific times

Write in community

give you appointments to write in community a schedule to write, a chance to  a that gives you a schedule and a writing community. and writing community that

Imagine this:




It’s February 1, 2024.

You've written 2500 to 10,000 words of your memoir/novel/monologue/play/standup routine. Not only that. You have a plan of how to keep going.

"I have a lot of ideas, but I'm a champion procrastinator."

"I want to write what I've learned in my life but I don't know where to start."

"I can't tell if what I'm writing is any good."


Two scenarios

2. It’s February 1, 2024 and you are still stuck.

​The problem 
As writers we have dry periods or get stuck. Or never start.
Guilt/dread/procrastination sets in. 
We get further from what we want to do

Get time on your side

Most writers do better when they have regular appointments to write.

But that can still be lonely.

This workshop gives you 10 appointments to write in January 2024, in the company of other writers. (On Zoom. For writers, Zoom can be a gift.)

1:1 sessions / goal setting

You'll have two 30-minute sessions with me to assess your project and set achievable goals.


You can write in any genre you like (except poetry).


By application - see below.


$550 by Venmo or check (note that there are no refunds for this class)

To apply:

Send me an email with the following:

(1) what project you plan to work on & what stage it's at now
(2) goal: where you'd like to be at the end of the 8 weeks, and whom you'd like to share your work with at that point

(3) a commitment to attend every class and be on time

(4) a commitment to write at least 500 words per week and email me your new writing the day before class (so I can put it up on the screen during class)

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