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Building Momentum
in Your Writing

     To build momentum, we need regularity,
     deadlines and accountability.


Part of what helps us grow as writers is the regular practice of writing... 
when we sustain work on a single piece, exploring, expanding, revising, and then exploring some more. Ask yourself:

  • What is a minimum useful time for a writing session? (e.g. 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour?)

  • What is an achievable goal to begin with? (e.g. 30 minutes twice a week)

  • What days of the week are best for you to write?

  • What time of day is most fruitful for you to write?

  • Can you put writing times on your calendar NOW?


What deadlines would be useful for you?
Weekly? Biweekly? Some other interval?


How do you as a writer find a balance between the solitary and the social? Where do you find accountability so that they don’t give up?

•    Writers' groups
•    Buddy system (another writer)
•    Accountability person (e.g. a friend)
•    Writing coach
•    Classes


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