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What writers can learn

from theater people

1. A book is not a thing. It is an experience.

We actors see when the audience is slumping or sleeping.

Writers don’t see the reader put down your book forever.


2. The audience teaches you.

What’s alive? What’s dead? What’s stuck? What’s waiting to be discovered?


3. Energy, energy, energy.

In every story, at every moment, energy is either building or waning.

Ditch your perfect plan and follow the energy.


4. Be ruthless and playful.

Cut ruthlessly.

Then take what’s left, write it again, and surprise the hell out of yourself.

5. Get “investors.”

People you trust.

Who will help you not quit.

Who will be your first audience, and give you non-stupid comments.


6. Read your fucking work aloud!

Even to yourself. Especially to yourself.

And pause.

And gesture. Yes, gesture.

7. Iterate intelligently.

Don’t work in isolation for months on end.

Find a director, or a collaborator, and set a "rehearsal schedule" for the next 1-3 months.

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