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The Many Voices of Charlie Varon #3
Satire, Pranks and Other Comic Bonbons

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Comic Bonbon #3:
Alan Watts, "Be in (and beware) the moment"


August 2022

I'm in the shower, talking to myself. Or, really, Alan Watts is doing the talking. Watts was the British lecturer who introduced Eastern religion to the American counterculture in the 1960s. Watts has been dead since 1973, but I love his voice and it's a very entertaining shower. I get out and text my collaborator, David Ford, and my favorite sound engineer, Jason Reinier.


On the appointed evening, we all show up at the studio and I start doing the material I'd been working up in the shower. I improvise, David and Jason throw suggestions at me, I flail. Then David throws me a real curveball.


PS: If you've never heard the real Alan Watts, here's a taste.

Alan Watts: Be in (and beware) the moment
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