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5 worst mistakes
writers and speakers make

1. It's too long.

Can a paragraph become a sentence?

Can a sentence become a phrase?

Can a phrase become a word?

Do you really need that word?


2. It's not funny.

Or the joke is stupid.

If you think you're not funny, you may be right. But you may just need help finding the humor.

(AI will not save you.)


3. It doesn't ask enough of the audience.

Fear makes us over-explain.

Most explanation bores the audience/reader.

4. It doesn't build.

Time is not neutral.

It is working against you.  

5. It hasn't been tested.

Working in isolation often breeds shitty work.

Find a director or collaborator you trust.

(AI will not save you.)

6. You forget to have fun.

Yes, there are bad moments.

That's part of the creative process.

But if you're not finding joy, neither will your audience.






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