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"Theater is in freefall,"announced the headline in the Washington Post on 7/6/2023.

"Still reeling from the pandemic, many of the country’s nonprofit theaters of various sizes are in deep financial trouble, in what is rapidly turning into the most severe crisis in the 70-year history of the regional theater movement."

Read the whole article here.

Four Questions

about the Future of Theater and Live Performance

1. If I can watch any movie or TV show ever made, virtually for free, without having to get out of my pajamas, and I can pause it to go to the toilet, or stop watching entirely if I’m bored, why should I ever leave home, look for parking, risk being infected by other people’s germs, and pay money to see something I may not end up liking?

2. What is the unique competence of theater in the Digital Age?


The world is not set up for us to do our best work as artists.
The odds are against us.
But with commitment, structure and guidance, we can change those odds.


"Not just a great director and writing coach, Charlie helps me navigate my creative life. He is a therapist for artists."

     Emily Silverman, M.D., founder of The Nocturnists medical storytelling series

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